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The Analogio Festival, a centre for drama, theatre and performing arts, is a non profit organization founded in 2005 in Athens, Greece, with the aim to develop and to present new plays & performance works that experiment with the new writing experience.

‘Analogio’’ besides showcasing Greek [ancient & contemporary] plays and presenting international plays, has also been a notable centre for discovering and supporting young talents and for promoting cultural exchanges, innovative creativity and inter-disciplinary dialogue.

We are committed to promoting playwriting and playwrights internationally and also to encourage young playwrights.
Through a broad range of initiatives, we provide writers and artists, both emerging and established alike, with space, collaborators, audiences, professional connections and the freedom to develop their own processes of exploration. Using innovative strategies and partnerships, we connect playwrights and young innovative artists to local communities in Greece and reach across international boundaries to seek out and embrace diverse perspectives from around the globe.

Our Impact
The engagement of our diverse community, the quality and number of Analogio-affiliated plays moved into the repertoire through production as well as the influence of our playwrights and affiliated artists on cultural conversations locally, nationally and globally, is the measure of the impact of the Analogio Festival. Note that Analogio is the only Festival in Greece with a special focus on new writing and new voices both in dramatic and in the performance areas alike.

Analogio serves as hub; as a platform of text /language research, proposing dialogue between theater and other arts and media.

Playwrights in Greece, recognize in Analogio an accommodating and empowering topos to lead their own creative processes and engage with their communities. Audiences recognize Analogio’s success in giving both established and emerging or underrepresented voices a platform to raise uncomfortable questions and provoke conversations about social change. The Festival is dedicated to helping Greek and immigrant young artists to develop their practice, to connect, collaborate, create and to showcase at our Analogio Festival, as well as at our national festivals and internationally. We support immigrant artists through residencies, workshops, get-togethers and general networking.

By 2020, we expect to achieve an artistic & scientific community with some thousand members online, and to attain new inroads to audiences in our country and, why not, in Europe and worldwide.

Our Numbers

So far, Analogio involved about 800 artists, including 85 playwrights (1/3 of them were presented for the first time).

We number:

· 120 first productions of new plays

· 28 commissioned plays and performance works

· 30 domestic and international artistic residencies

· 4 international programs with 30 translations and

· a great number of rehearsed readings, workshops and co-productions

· 5 published books / contemporary Greek Drama /collective editions of Greek plays

We reviewed more than 2.500 plays through our open access program;

We partnered with over 80 theaters, theatre groups, festivals and universities (among them: Athens & Epidaure Festival, National Theatre of Greece, Art Theatre, Department of Music Studies of Athens University, Department of Theatre Studies of Thessaloniki and Nafplion Universities…) ;

We created and welcomed more than 100.000 audience members and 200 volunteers to 25 editions of the festival since 2005 (main programs / co-operations / co productions / exchanges )

16 in Athens, 5 in selected places around Greece (1 Lesvos island, 2 Monodendri Zagorohoria, 1 Volos Festival and 1 Delphes) and 4 worldwide (Montreal, Romania, Paris, Sarajevo Winter Festival);

We worked closely with 9 local communities in Athens and the greek territory;

As for young artists’ involvement:

· 80% of young artists since working with us are working professionally as artists

· 25% of young artists had new commissions or shows as a result of our festival

  • 60% of young artists developed new skills as a result of participating in our activities

We maintain 100% of our programs around the country free of charge to artists and audience alike.

Our Initiatives
Core Program with parallel events that include in situ workshops, lectures, public talks & debates, performances in urban & public spaces and historical /archaeological sites, exhibitions, sound and visual installations & all kind of art projects organized with independent art platforms, various curators & international artists, writers & scientists, every fall during the main edition of the Festival in Athens.

Writers’ Lab: Greek Young writers’ residency programs that offer writers significant artistic resources and support, all year round.

Global Exchange Initiatives: - Curated writing & translation residency program that brings together playwrights and translators from across the world to collaborate with Greek artists for a week, culminating in public readings and conversations and FESTIVAL

(1st edition of the program july 10-16 /2017, Delphes archeological site, a collaboration with the animart school-forum-festival/ invited playwright Mike Van Graan from South Africa. Other invited artists & groups: ODC ensemble/ Antigone’s trial Sweden, Lenerson Panolini / Cassandra Hecuba project/ Companhia nova de teatro, Rio de janeiro, Theatre Lab Company, London...)

- on-the-road productions of the Festivals (for the time being: ‘Philoctetes’ of Yiannis Ritsos interpreted by Enke Fezollari, a talented young Albanian immigrant, - Undercloud Bucarest Festival, Sarajevo Winter Festival…)

- International bilateral agreements for cultural exchanges, co productions and co operation (p.ex. Between the Seas Festival –New York , Brazil Compagnia Nova de Teatro, Nova drama Festival, Bucharest Independent Festival…)

- FOCUS on foreign dramaturgy (Focus Slovakia and Focus China)

Analogio Festivals’ practice of community engagement is longstanding. The first 2 editions of the Festival were hosted at Alekton Center /Kerameikos area which, at the time, was an underdeveloped neighborhood in down town Athens, a red light district, and a ghetto of sans papiers immigrants.

It is worth mentioning that the area is full of artists, bars and theatre, galleries and art venues today!

The parallel events programme of those first Festivals was realized through a number of indoor & outdoor activities, including acting and writing workshops facilitated by the Analogio Festival team (playwrights, actors, directors, translators, visual artists, photographers, musicians…) and local collectives, idea development sessions, walks in the neighborhood, meetings with local organizations and discussions that allowed artists and local people to socialize and create a network.

Since 2005, we have implemented a number of policies that we regard today as simply part of our established cultural trademark.

Notable examples are:
A. Our strong connected multi-artistic, interdisciplinary community

B. Analogio 2010 Eresos LESVOS island ( the Aegean island close to Turquie) where we worked for a month with local people, greek playwrights and + 50 artists for the creation / production of 7 new plays on the topic: ‘Lesvos island, a passage’.
The productions were presented in various places on the island and the following year at the main edition of Analogio Festival at the National Theatre, 2011.

C. Analogio 2015, The pass, migrants and refugees with the collaboration of the Cultural & Youth Organization of the Municipality of Athens, The Hellenic Film Centre & Greek Festival Archives Centre, The Melina Merkouri Cultural Centre, The Art Theatre –Athens, the NGO Les Medécins du Monde Annexe Greece, the Argentine & the Italian Embassies in Athens
(Our artists together with volunteers and students from the Dept of Music Studies-Athens University, the Dept of Theatre Studies- Peloponèse University, the School of Fine Arts –Macedonia University, worked with refugees and migrants in situ (Victorias and Exarcheia Square, Iera Odos…..) and they created new works that we presented at the Festival, e.g. ITHACA, a sound design walk- a co-production of Analogio, the Milena Principle and the A-KOO group, exhibition, installations, short film and collective talks.



Greek Art Theatre - Frinicho Stage, Frinichou 14, Plaka, Athens 105 58