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Analogio Festival 2018

September 21-27
Athens Greece

In the forthcoming edition, September 21-27, 2018, beyond the Focus Asia, a special tribute will be done to South Africa, by presenting to the Greek public, the work of the South African playwright & activist Mike Van Graant, as well as the Market Theatre Foundation, a historic Theatre in South Africa, which has been representative of sociopolitical developments in apartheid and post-apartheid era.

As part of the Educational Programme of the Analogio Festival 2018, we organize together with Unesco's International Playwright's Forum (IPF/ITI), a theatre translation workshop into English, directed by Prof. Gad Kaynar-Kissinger, President of the IPF. The working texts will be: an israeli play by Shlomi Moscovitz, ---as a tribute for Israel’s 70th anniversary, as well as a greek play by Loula Anagnostaki, as a tribute to the reknown Greek playwright who passed away last year.
In addition to the above, we shall also host the Executive Board Meeting of the IPF.

Last but not least, as always, our yearly core programme, is dedicated to the greek theatrical scene: Our guests from around the world, will have a chance to attend a showcase of last year’s greek theatre productions. We are thus also proud to premiere the latest works of Akis Dimou, Thomas Tsalapatis, Konstantinos Bouras and Andreas Staikos.
This year, by a strange coincidence, all playwrights are male so we decided to have female directors!!!

Note that Analogio Festival 2018 adds to the celebration of the Year of the 70th anniversary of the Unesco's International Theatre Institute.

Looking forward to seeing you in Athens, 21-27 Sept. 2018


Greek Art Theatre - Frinicho Stage, Frinichou 14, Plaka, Athens 105 58