A Translation, Dramaturgy, Direction Masterclass
In collaboration with the International Playwrights’ Forum IPF -International Theatre Institute ITI Unesco.
Conducted by Professor Gad Kaynar-Kissinger, President of IPF/ITI Unesco

This tryout workshop in the context of the Analogio Festival in Athens 2018 is a new way of exposing an unknown dramatic text, not merely as literary drama, but as a live theatrical text, open to variable interpretations and conceptions, both on the verbal level – subject to various translations (in case of a foreign play) – and on the staging level – given to a several directing and acting approaches, including inter-cultural and multi-medial. In this manner, the merits of the play, not merely as reading material, but as a holistic actable piece that evokes interactive relations with a number of possibilities to interpret, direct, design and lighten it, to set music and sound to it, etc., will be explored. In a world in which not only material goods and information travel fast, but also cultural assets, it is important to test the universal value of a play, its capability to be adapted to differing cultural contexts of production and reception.