Translation-Direction: Marianna Calbari
Collaborator in the Direction: Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou
Dramaturgist: Elena Triantaphylopoulou
Cast: Katia Gerou, Konstantina Talkou, Marianna Kalbari
Set & Costume design: Christina Calbari
Music editing: Nestor Kopsidas
Movement: Valia Papachristou
Lighting design: Stella Kaltsou
Assistant Director – Production: Marilena Moschou
Sound Editing- B' Assistant Director: Konstantinos Efstratiou
Photos: Myrto Apostolidou
Greek Art Theatre (Theatro Technis Karolos Koun) - Ypogeio (basement)
5, Pesmazoglou str., Athens | tel. (+30)210.3228706

Jean Genet's legendary play comes back to the scene of the Theatro Technis -Ypogeio, just 50 years after his first presentation to the Greek audience in translation by Odysseas Elytis, directed by Dimitris Hatzjimarkos and with Reni Pittaki, Marina Georgiou and Ekali Sokou in the three roles.

The plot, in a few words, is as follows: Two housemaids devise the extermination of the adored but totally hateful Lady, “Madame”. Their naive plans fail and turn against them. What is it, however, that makes Genet's play so popular and to stage it so frequently on the world scenes since 1947 that has been written up to this day? For sure: «This is not a play that wants to defend the fate of the class of maids-servants. There is a trade union dealing with the issues of these people. It's about an allegorical story...», clarifies Genet himself.

The maids, we are the maids. With our small and big dreams, the lies we say to ourselves and to others, our desperate need to escape from reality, to fantasize another life than the one we are living. We who envy what we do not have and we are tormented because we know we will never get it. We, who feel fear, hate but also worship over power. We who dare not live truly.

The Maids are the anti-heroes of the tragedy of our days. And their “Madame” (Lady) is the cheap goddess who defines their fate and directs their lives. No grand catharsis in this contemporary tragicomedy. Only human moments. Hard, tender, funny, violent, touching. And above all, a strong need for "play" until the final breath. This need that moves the theater itself and keeps alive our desire to resort to it either as creators or as public. Looking for this "something" that life insists on hiding from us.

Analogio Festival, member of EFA/EFFE (European Festivals Association/ Europe for Festivals- Festivals for Europe), a successful institution dedicated to the theatre and contemporary writing, is organized for the 15th continual year, 21- 27 September 2018.

Analogio Festival 2018
Artistic Director: Sissy Papathanasiou
Translations: Jacques Bouchard, Gina Karvounaki, Eleni Mitsakou, Sissy Papathanasiou, Nadia Foskolou.
Curators: Focus Asia: Octavian Saiu. Outdoor Activities: Geert Vermeire / the milena principle
Production support: Despoina Errikou
Assistant Production Managers: Cybele Dragoumi, Georgia Andreou, Vera Nikolopoulos
Creative Team: Eleni Mitsakou, Anna Gourzi, Gina Karvounaki, Despina Kosmopoulou, Smaro Kotsia
Programme editing: Smaro Kotsia
Photographers: Frank James Johnson, Cybele Dragoumi, Giannis Priftis
Set and Costume design: Ζoe Molivda Fameli
Lighting: Ζoe Molivda Fameli, Stella Kaltsou
Graphic design : A4Artdesign
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Press Officer: Aris Asproulis, Maria Konstandopoulou

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Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports
International Theatre Institute ITI, 2018-The year of ITI
Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun

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