An impressionistic journey

through the sociopolitical problems of Athens today,

in a crisis, which is European

Concept/Directing: Elli Papakonstantinou

Text: ODC Ensemble

Live Music/Sound Design: Tilemachos Moussas

Visuals/installation: Pantelis Makkas

Light designer: Olympia Mitilineou

Installation/Costumes: Telis Karananos, Alexandra Siafkou

Performer: Rosa Prodromou, Tilemachos Moussas, Pantelis Makkas

Translation in Greek: Elli Papakonstantinou

Production Management: Nansi Kokolaki

A production of ODC Ensemble

First Prize Award for the REP, Birmingham at the BE Festival in July 2017

Proudly presented for the European Parliament for Culture in 2017

REVOLT ATHENΣ is a poetic “Lonely Planet” that comes from the edge of Europe, where facts blare with fantasies. How can we reverse the stereotypical image of Athens partly perceived as a deadened city, partly as an exotic Southern experiment on sustainable strategies in times of crisis?

Three performers in a landscape of destruction and regeneration, attempt to reverse stereotypical images of Greece. Against media reports, financial breakdowns and tourist guides, REVOLT ATHENΣ constitutes an alternative English spoken "city guide" that digs out deeper realities.

Athens is a hot city: Myths and facts, arias and noise-scapes, Monteverdi and Elvis, the God of Snakes, a hybrid creature of the antiquity, tear gas, deep confessions and riots, a DIY model of Athens constitute this new media concert.

REVOLT ATHENΣ - an impressionistic journey through the sociopolitical problems of Athens today, in a crisis, which is European.


"Outstanding performance about social & political actuality in Athens" Operadagen Festival

"A brilliant performance..." DEUTSCHE WELLE

“Totally mad and mesmerizing... See it to believe it”. THE GUARDIAN

“A bomb exploding at the foundations of the Greek festival!" ATHINORAMA

“Tremendous aesthetic craft...a perfect combination of different arts” CNN GREECE

"An outstanding performance with a truly fresh approach.” BBC WORLDWIDE

"An absolute treat to behold." BIRMINGHAM WHAT’S ON


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a greater range of emotions than I did over the two very different, but equally spectacular, performances on offer on the opening night: sometimes I laughed until I cried, and other times my heart was in my mouth […] Our eyes were really opened to the true circumstances for Greece and its population, which broke down the stereotypes and drove a bulldozer straight through the facade created by the tourism industry […] Lauren Cole, what’s on, 5.5.2018

[…] Originally planned to be in English in order to appeal to the European audience and ask them the question “what is Athens for you?” – it has since toured around Europe – Elli Papakonstantinou’s performance attempts, once again, to broach a critical subject on the stage and transform politics into art […] Dimitris Tsatsoulis, Imerodromos, 18.6.2016

[…] Elli Papakonstantinou dares to speak out about painful things, both in Greece and abroad. She toys with clichés and turns them upside down, leading Revolt Athens to its chaotic denouement, its culmination perhaps serving as an exorcism or as a warning. After all, she has, as we already know by now, a flair for the creation of such moments of euphoric stage anarchy[…] G.Vourdiklaris, Popaganda, 16/6/2016

Yesterday, it felt as if a bomb, planted at the foundations of the festival, went off. Revolt Athens, a purposefully disturbing and chaotic performance launched this year’s programme at the Peiraios 260 venue, provoking a number of reactions, ranging from the most enthusiastic to the most negative. It makes sense; the performance had nothing  commeilfaut about it; nothing that could make us talk today about a “brilliant opening night.”  (…).  Papakonstantinou  and her ensemble do not beat around the bush: what they really wish to do is to (re)negotiate our turbulent historic present. Their project is not one of politeness and rhetoric. Neither is it, necessarily, a radical suggestion of escape. It is, however, a project charged with emotion – rage, anger, complaint, despair and a sincere awkwardness vis-à-vis the Now becoming History. Iliana Dimadi, “We saw Revolt Athens,” Athinorama, 16.6.2016

Elli Papakonstantinou forges a political/theatrical discourse, which comes without syntheses and recapitulations, without conclusions, still less without precepts, a discourse inhabited by sarcasm, self-sarcasm and irony (…). The director’s political discourse is relevant to every European capital inhabited by army reserves of the unemployed, citizens who are both culturally marginalised and politically displaced: what is under threat here is also at stake there (…) The symbol of the Minoan goddess of snakes with her bare breasts, a symbol of both élan vital and of a dark finale, ultimately prevails over all images and words. Giorgos Pefanis, CNN Greece, 25.6.2016