Oh my good silence that I did not mean to you
so many years, I want you all!
You can not take my silences to me, yes!
Can not! No one can!

Direction: Maria Aeginitou
Antonis Giannakos: Mr. Smith
Yannis Sofologis: Pizza delivery boy
Nikoleta Vlavianou: Managing Director
Video projections directed by Dimitris Indares
Actors appearing in video:
Maria Aiginitou (Woman of Huan)
Giorgos Biniaris (Grandpa Mark)

The Play
A stranger invades Mr. Smith's house and puts him in a blackmail dilemma: Your life ends in two hours. Who would you choose to get into your place so you do not die? A dying old lady in some intensive? Hitler? What about the old lady of the adjoining apartment? Why do you think you deserve to live?
A black comedy about black we call existence and contains us all.

We get our birth, we do not cause it.
We also get our death when the time comes.
But we live our lives deliberately, with nails and teeth.
Everyone gives her own meaning.
And we all think we deserve to live it.
If you needed to jerk it, where could you get it?
Mr Smith opened the door one night. And he saw them all. [SAKIS SEREFAS]

DIRECTOR’S Statement
Do not die for me, neither do i. Euripides
Every life is sacred and self-consciousness is an expensive gift that we pay for it with the fear of mortality. Our existence will forever shadow the knowledge that we will die. Poets, thinkers, philosophers, art, science, religions, all strive to soothe the pain of death, to comfort the soul of man, to calm his thoughts. We all struggle to conquer a moment of immortality, a few moments to light. But why do we think we deserve to live? Does the life of man have a greater value than that of an ant, or does the life of a new man weight more than that of an elderly person? And if we had the strength to take someone else's position, would we offer him life? [MARIA AEGINITOU]

I had a long time to make fried fish and I did not. Let's smell a bit of the house, I'll open it, it'll be grim. Let go of me that I like to get into my house and smell food. May I be invited somewhere. They're waiting for me.

My own are silences, and whatever I want to do! And if I want to, I fill them with what I like, in words, that I always caressed them! My own are the silence! Oh my good silence that I did not mean to you so many years, I want you all! You can not take my silences to me, yes! Can not! No one can!

Sakis Serefas
He was born in Thessaloniki in 1960, where he continues to live today. He studied Medieval and Modern Greek Philology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2000, he was accepted to Columbia University of New York as a Fullbright scholar, where he attended courses offered by the Department of Classical Studies, on the Modern Greek language, history and literature.
So far, he has published 52 books consisting of poetry, prose, theatre, studies on different cities, landscapes and poets, as well as translations and anthologies. He has written fourteen plays which have been staged at the National Theatre of Greece, the State Theatre of Northern Greece, the Athens-Epidaurus Festival, the Philippi-Kavala Festival, the Art Theatre Karolos Koun, the Peiramatiki Skini Technis, the Tristan Bates Theatre in London with an English version of the play and elsewhere.
His play Yum-Yum (Food) won the “2007 Karolos Koun Prize” for Modern Greek play, awarded by the Union of Greek Critics for Drama and Music. His play “Melted Butter” was one of the official proposals submitted in the 28th International Festival Sarajevo in 2012 by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and was also staged at Heidelberg Stϋckemarket (Heidelberg Market of Plays) in 2013. His play “Mission to Planet Earth” was awarded with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture Prize in 2007. His play “The Road Will Take You” is included in ‘The top one hundred and twenty contemporary European plays’ shortlist by the European Theatre Convention (ETC, 2010).
His book “A Dinosaur on my Balcony” won the Greek State Prize for Children’s Literacy in 2008. His book “A Hole in the Water” was honored with the “Penelope Maximou” Prize by the Greek IBBY (International Board of Books for Young People) in 2012.
His book “Thessaloniki in direct speech” (texts by Sakis Serefas, photographs from Haris Yiakoumis archive) received the “Milos Prize” for the best Greek photography book by the Kythira Cultural Society and was also translated in French by Kallimages Publications. He wrote the script for “Ball-Bearing”, a feature film directed by Panos Karkanevatos (2004), which was screened during the “Thessaloniki International Film Festival”, 2005, as well as in Marche du Film (Film Market) during the Cannes Festival, 2005.
PLAYS: Live the Doubtful Life, 2014. Aesop's Comix 2, 2014. Japan, 2014. One vermicelli is enough, 2013. Scarlet, 2013. A Dinosaur on my Balcony, 2012. Dragons, 2011. Mr. Smith opens the door, 2011. Erinya with pincers, 2011. Lives worth eating, 2010. 15 minutes, 2010. What do you think, Babis?, 2010. The Road will take you, 2010. She’s single, 2009. Seminar on stupidity, 2008. Melted Butter, 2008. Mission to Planet Earth, 2007.
Thessaloniki in direct speech, 2007. Yum-Yum (Food), 2006

Analogio Festival, member of EFA/EFFE (European Festivals Association/ Europe for Festivals- Festivals for Europe), a successful institution dedicated to the theatre and contemporary writing, is organized for the 15th continual year, 21- 27 September 2018.

Analogio Festival 2018
Artistic Director: Sissy Papathanasiou
Translations: Jacques Bouchard, Gina Karvounaki, Eleni Mitsakou, Sissy Papathanasiou, Nadia Foskolou.
Curators: Focus Asia: Octavian Saiu. Outdoor Activities: Geert Vermeire / the milena principle
Production support: Despoina Errikou
Assistant Production Managers: Cybele Dragoumi, Vera Nikolopoulos
Creative Team: Eleni Mitsakou, Anna Gourzi, Gina Karvounaki, Despina Kosmopoulou, Smaro Kotsia
Programme editing: Smaro Kotsia
Photographers: Frank James Johnson, Cybele Dragoumi, Giannis Priftis
Set and Costume design: Ζoe Molivda Fameli
Lighting: Ζoe Molivda Fameli, Stella Kaltsou
Graphic design : A4Artdesign
Internet site: media42.eu
Press Officer: Aris Asproulis, Maria Konstandopoulou

Under the auspices
Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports
International Theatre Institute ITI, 2018-The year of ITI
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