Open Call for participation to Tryout Workshop: Evaluating a New Play as a Theatrical Text by Prof. Gad Kaynar-Kissinger, during Analogio Festival Athens 21-27 September 2018 / Athens World Book Capital 2018


The forthcoming edition of Analogio Festival, September 21-27, 2018, with performing arts from around the world has in 2018 is focusing on Asia /Far East, including a tribute to South Africa. An additional initiative will be a new workshop in cooperation with Unesco's International Playwright's Forum (IPF/ITI): A theatrical play-tryout workshop conducted in English, directed by Prof. Gad Kaynar-Kissinger, President of the IPF. The working texts will be: an Israeli play by Shlomi Moscovitz -as a tribute for Israel’s 70th anniversary -as well as a Greek play by Loula Anagnostaki, as a tribute to the renowned Greek playwright who passed away last year.

So what is this workshop about? What will happen?

This tryout workshop in the context of the Analogio Festival in Athens 2018 is a new way of exposing an unknown dramatic text, not merely as literary drama, but as a live theatrical text, open to variable interpretations and conceptions, both on the verbal level – subject to various translations (in case of a foreign play) – and on the staging level – given to a several directing and acting approaches, including inter-cultural and multi-media.

In this manner, the merits of the play, not merely as reading material, but as a holistic actable piece that evokes a number of possibilities to interpret, direct, design and lighten it, to set music and sound to it etc., will be explored. In a world in which not only material goods and information travel fast, but also cultural assets, it is important to test the universal value of a play, its capability to be adapted to differing cultural contexts of production and reception.

We can facilitate in letters of invitation, as well in support for travel grants for theatre artists from Asia and Australia (ASEF travel grants, deadline 31 June) and STEP travel grants for theatre artists from 59 countries in and around Europe (applying latest 60 days before travel date).


Please send us an e-mail with following information:

- Full name of the applicant

- Postal address, telephone, country, email address, website (if available).

- Profession, discipline.

- Brief resume.

- A copy of passport/ID card (of every member of the group for collective projects).

- Subject line of email: "Tryout Workshop - Analogio 2018".

Deadline for completed application: June 30, 2018


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