«Translating Ancient Greek Drama»
A Translation Seminar: Vayos Liapis
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«Translating Ancient Greek Drama».
In this workshop on “Translating Ancient Greek Drama”, we shall attempt, partly aided by translation theory, to identify and analyze some of the challenges one is faced with when translating Greek drama. We shall focus on some of the unavoidable dilemmas inherent in every translation act, with particular emphasis on the dilemma between domestication and foreignization, or between target-oriented and source-oriented translation. We shall also discuss special issues including: translation as a channel between different cultural codes; translation and metaphor; translation and the problem of form; translation as rewriting.

Vayos Liapis
Studied Classics at the Universities of Athens and Glasgow (Phd, 1994-1997). He has taught as a Lecturer at the University of Cyprus (2000-2003), as an Assistant and then Associate Professor at the University of Montreal (2003-2009) and as a Professor at the University of Patras (2009-2010). He has been teaching at the Open University of Cyprus since July 2010.
He has taught at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris) and has been a Fellow of the «Institute for Advanced Study», Princeton. Since 2003, he has been the head of three research programs funded by the «Federal Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council» and the «Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation».
He has published three monographs «Menandri Sententiae:Introduction, Translation and Commentary» Athens 2002, « The Unknown God: Limits of Human Knowledge in the Presocratics and in «Oedipus Tyrannus», Athens 2003, «A Commentary on the Rhesus Attributed to Euripides», Oxford 2012) and has edited four volumes. Numerous of his articles and book reviews have been published in Greek and international journals (Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Journal of Hellenic Studies, The Classical Quarterly, The Classical Review, etc.) and in collective volumes.
His research interests include Ancient Greek Tragedy of the 5th and 4th Century BC, Archaic Greek Poetry, Hellenistic Poetry, Epistemological and Sophiological Secretariat in Greek Antiquity, Survival of Ancient Tragedy in modern literature, ancient Greek religion etc. His current research activities include publishing Aeschylus' Seven on Thebes tragedy.