ANALOGIO International Festival, in the context of this year's event "In Memory We Trust", which is taking place in September 21-26, 2019, organizes an educational program focusing on ancient Greek tragedy with Workshops, a Translation Seminar and an International Meeting on Ancient Greek Drama in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy of the Kapodistrian University of Athens and the International Playwrights’ Forum ITI/ UNESCO.
At the International Scientific Symposium entitled «Ancient Greek Tragedy at the Intersection of Politics and Performance», ways are being explored of research, study and Ancient Greek Tragedy stage treatment, by the perspective of contemporary and older translations, transcriptions, adaptations, directorial approaches, as well as political implications and main ideas.
Admission is free at all events.
Attendance certificates will be provided.

Opening Ceremony
Welcome speeches:
The Scientific Director of Benaki Museum Mr Georgios Manginis 
Representative from the Ministry of Culture and Sports
Representative from the Attika Administrative District 
Representative from the City of Athens
The Dean of the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Professor Achilleas Chaldaiakis 
The Head of the Theatre Studies Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Professor Chrysothemis Stamatopoulou-Vasilakou 
Director of Directorate of Letters and Arts of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and President of the International Organization Analogio, Sissy Papathanassiou


10:30-11:50 I SESSION 
President: Platon Mavromoustakos

10:45-11:00 Astrid Schenka
«‘Die unendliche Aufgabe’. On theories and practices of translation”

10:30-10:45 Herman Altena
«Managing the gaps: translation, transformation, relocation»

11:00-11:15  Oliver Taplin
«Attempting to translate the Oresteia with musicality»

11:15-11:30 Discussion
11:30-11:50  Coffee break

11:50-13:10 II SESSION
President:  Kaiti Diamantakou

11:50-12:05 Mary Bairaktari
«Διαγλωσσική μετάφραση αρχαίου δράματος και παραστασιακή κειμενοκεντρικότητα»

12:05-12:20 Eri Georgakaki
«Η Ιφιγένεια εν Αυλίδι του Ευριπίδη «κατά την καθ` ημάς Σκηνήν», μια ιδιαίτερη μεταφραστική απόπειρα του 1887»

12:20-12:35 Menelaos Karantzas
«Οι ιχνευτές της Οξυρρύγχου. Μια πρόταση για τη χρήση σπαραγμάτων αρχαίου δράματος σε σύγχρονες θεατρικές παραστάσεις»

12:35-12:50 Ioanna Remediaki
«Αντιγόνη /Αθήνα: μεταφράζοντας τον 21ο αιώνα»

12:50-13:10 Discussion

13:10-14:30  III SESSION
President: Anna Tabaki

13:10-13:25 Archimandrite M. Stathakis
«Η Αντιγόνη του Σοφοκλέους ως προ Χριστού παράλληλο του χριστιανικού μαρτυρίου»

13:25-13:40  Sacchidanand Joshi
«Combining musically with the lexis in Greek and Indian theatre»

13:40-13:55 Bharat Gupt
«Transcending the human for divine: An Indo-European ideal in Antigone»

13:55-14:10 Pavlos Kavouras
«Consciousness and power: The role of myth in ancient Greek drama»

14:00-14:30 Discussion
14:30-15:30 Lunch break


15:30-16:30 IV SESSION
President: Pavlos Kavouras

15:30-15:45 Despina Kosmopoulou
«Σύγχρονη προσέγγιση της αρχαίας τραγωδίας. Επισημάνσεις και προβληματισμοί»

15:45-16:00 Kakumoto Atsushi
«Performing Medea — theatrical performances as a way of understanding ancient society and classical philosophy».

16:00-16:15 Zoltàn Balàzs
«The Gold Bug Method»

16:15-16:30 Discussion

16:30-17:30 V SESSION
President: Sissy Papathanassiou

16:30-16:45 Vayos Liapis 
«Anne Carson’s Antigo-Nick as an intertextual palimpsest»

16:45-17:00 Margarita Mellberg
«Translating Swedish writers inspired by ancient Greek myths and historical persons. The example of poet Jesper Svenbro and playwright Chtistina Ouzounidis»

17:00-17:10 Discussion

18:00  Presentation of the play:
«Traces of Antigone» by Christina Ouzounidis (SWEDEN)
Translation: Margarita Mellberg.
Director: Elli Papakonstantinou, ODC Ensemble.


Translator, playwright, Artistic Director of Antiek Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Postdoctoral researcher, Theatre Studies Department NKUA, translation and translatology instructor, French Language and Literature Department NKUA, Athens.

Artistic Director of Maladype Theatre, Budapest, Hungary.

Dean of the School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Associate Professor, Theatre Studies Department NKUA, Athens.

PhD Theatre Studies Department NKUA, Athens.

Bharat GUPT
Trustee and Executive Member Indira Gandi National Center for the Arts, India.

Sacchidanand JOSHI
Secretary Indira Gandi National Center for the Arts, India.

Theatre director, Artistic Director of “D’ uomo ex machina”, Japan.

Director, translator, PhD Candidate Theatre Studies Department NKUA, Athens.

Professor, Music Studies Department NKUA, Athens.

Postdoctoral researcher, Theatre Studies Department NKUA, Athens.

Vayos Liapis
Professor, Head of the Postgraduate Programme of Theatre Studies, Open University of Cyprus.

Professor, Theatre Studies Department NKUA, Athens.

Rea Ann Margarita MELLBERG
Translator, Phd Lund University, Sweden.

Art and culture historian, President of the Analogio International Institute, Director of Letters Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Athens.

Lecturer, Theatre Studies Department NKUA, Athens.

Translator and dramaturg, PhD Freie Universität Berlin, Research Associate International Research Centre Interweaving Performance Cultures Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

Professor, Theatre Studies Department NKUA, Athens.

Archimandrite M. STATHAKIS
Archaeologist, Athens.

Professor, Theatre Studies Department NKUA, Athens. 

Emeritus Professor of Classics, Oxford Univesity, Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, Honorary Doctorate NKUA-Athens, United Kingdom


Studied Classics and Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He translated several Greek tragedies by Aischylos and Euripides for professional theatre companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, and worked with directors like Paul Koek, Johan Simons, Piet Arfeuille and Olivier Diepenhorst. In 2013 he wrote a modern Greek tragedy, Hyllos, commissioned by the music theatre company «De Veenfabriek» (Leiden) and «Asko|Schönberg», ensemble for new music (Amsterdam). In 2018 he completed a new translation of Jean Racine’s Andromaque. Presently he is working on a translation of Liknon, a new requiem composed by the Greek/Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki for «November Music», a Dutch international festival for contemporary music. As a visiting teacher he lectured at the Free University Amsterdam, Utrecht University and Leiden University. Until 2008 he was active member of the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama.

Teaching fellow in literary translation in the Department of French Language and Literature, a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Theater Studies at the University of Athens (supervised by Professor Aikaterini Diamantakou) and a translator. Her PhD entitled «Marivaux's translations by Andreas Staikos and their performances in Greece» (supervised by Professor Marika Thomadaki, published in 2016) was based on Theater Semiology and Translation Studies. Several essays, two monographs and five of her translations have also been published. Her research focuses on the history and criticism of translation, on the relationship between translation and intercultural communication, as well as on the theory and practice of theatrical translation.

Actor, director, he graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. He participated in workshops with Anatoly Vasiliev, Josef Nadj in Avignon and Robert Wilson in Paris. He also graduated from the European Theatre Union’s directorial course in Stuttgart. In 2001 he founded one of the most important independent theatres in Hungary, «Maladype Theatre», and since he has been its Artistic Director. He is a regular guest at festivals and theatres around the globe. He directed in the United States, France, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania as well. His many-sided and versatile artistic work and his performances experimenting with new theatrical language, have been honoured with many theatre and state awards. Through his performances, he aims to give the audience a theatrical experience which is complex, appeals to emotions and senses and raises the scenery, motion and music to the same level as the lyrics. He has directed, among others, the following plays: The Blacks by Jean Genet, Pelléas and Mélisande by Maurice Maeterlinck, Leonce and Lena by Georg Büchner, King Ubu by Alfred Jarry, Platonov by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Inferno by Dante Alighieri, etc.

Dean of the School of Philosophy of the NKUA.
Professor of Byzantine Musicology and Psaltic Art at the Department of Music Studies NKUA. He teaches on both undergraduate and graduate level at the NKUA, but also at other Greek Universities and Institutes. His published scientific work comprises more than 200 studies (monographs, articles, entries in encyclopædias, papers in conferences, essays in various collective volumes and scientific reviews, etc.), mostly on various subjects (theoretical, historical, aesthetical, etc.) pertaining to the field of Byzantine Musicology and Psaltic Art. He participates in Conferences both in Greece and abroad and is a member of the scientific and organizing committees in most of them. He is also an active member of various international scientific societies whose activities are focused on Byzantine musicological studies. At the same time, he is the director of an artistic group of international renown, the choir “The Maestors of the Psaltic Art”. With this choir he has given, up to the present day, more than 400 performances in Europe, Asia, America and Australia and has appeared in Radio and TV shows in Greece and abroad. He also is an internationally recognized chanter, i.e. an artist-performer of Byzantine Music and he has recorded, alone or with various ensembles, often under his own direction, various Byzantine hymns – several of them were discovered by himself in the frame of his parallel academic research – or even musical examples of Secular or Folk Music and compositions of Contemporary Music as well. His whole activity as an internationally recognized musician in his twofold quality, both as a scientific researcher and University Professor and as an artist, composer, interpreter, and director of musical ensembles, explores new paths toward a global, multifaceted and innovative, approach to Byzantine Musicology and Psaltic Art.

Associate Professor at the Department of Theatre Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Athens. Her scientific interests focus on the history and theory of ancient theatre and drama, as well as on the reception of ancient drama by the modern, Greek and international, dramaturgy and stage practice. Her educational and research work, her academic communications and publications refer to those fields of interest. She is the author of two books, the editor of two volumes with theatre reviews by Tassos Lignadis, the translator of books related to human sciences, the author of many scientific articles published in collective volumes, journals and proceedings, the author of many short articles included in the edition of theatre plays, theatre programmes or monographs concerning theatre and drama issues.

Alma Mater: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Theatre Studies Department. Further Studies at the same department: Master's Degree in Theatre Studies, graduated with excellence. Awarded with scholarship by the «State Scholarship Foundation». Phd in Theatre Studies, graduated with excellence, concerning the reception of Euripides in Greece (19th century). The research is focusing in translations, performances and publications of the euripidean plays. The first year of research was again awarded with scholarship by the «State Scholarship Foundation».
As a dramatologist she has worked at «Amore Notos Theatre» (1999-2002) and the National Theatre of Greece (2002-2003). From 2003 to this day works at the Administration of Culture in the Municipality of Petroupolis, Athens (production of «Petras International Festival», organization of multiple cultural events, children/teenage theatre groups etc).
She has taken part in a number of scientific Conferences and made various publications.

Bharat GUPT
Dramatologist and Cultural Analyst, Associate Professor of English Literature at the College of Professional Studies, University of Delhi. He was born in 1946 in Mornadabad, a small old village in India and grew up in New Delhi where he studied at the University of the city. He received his master’s degree from the University of Toronto and his Ph.D. from the University of Baroda.
He has devoted eight years to the study of the Sitar and Suburbs musical instruments with the renowned musician Uma Shankar Mishra and studied musicology, yoga sutras and classics with Acharya K.C.Brihaspati and Swami Kripalvananda. He focused on classical studies, theater, music, culture and the media, and with the help of an Onassis scholarship, he studied the revivals of ancient Greek drama in Greece.
His experience in the modern European and traditional Indian education system and classical studies, has led him to believe that ancient Greek drama is much closer to ancient Indian drama, as a moral and religious practice, or sacred ritual.
He is a permanent associate (invited professor) at the Delhi National Drama School and the «Bardento Academy of Dramatic Arts» in Lucknow. He has given lectures on theater and music to universities and cultural organizations in India, North America, England, Italy.
Since 1995 he has lectured to many places in Greece, including: Panteion University, Athens University Music Department, Hellenic-Indian Society, Classical University of Ioannina, Department of Anthropology, University of the Aegean Musical Theater (Volos), Theater Department of Aristotle University (Thessaloniki), Department of Anthropology, University of Athens, International Conference of Ancient Delphi Drama, Conference of the Center for Ancient Drama (Nafplio).

Sacchidanand JOSHI
Born in Indore, India, he is an Academic, director and playwright. Member Secretary of the «Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA)». Worked as Founder Vice Chancellor in the Kushabhau Thakre University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Raipur for two Terms and as the Founder Rector in the Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication Bhopal for ten years. He has also worked and been involved at prestigious institutions like the «Indian Institute of Forest Management» and the «Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan», the «Rangashri Little Ballet Troupe» and the «Sanskar Bharti». He is a former Member of the Management Committee of the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi for two years.
He is involved in directing, creative writing and he has written satire, short stories, theatrical plays and other creative articles in Hindi that have been published in reputed journals. He has been awarded at the State and National level for Hindi and Marathi Plays.

A Tokyo-based theatre director, Kakumoto Atsushi represents the theatre company d’UOMO ex machina, since it was established in 2006. The company d’UOMO ex machina presented the shows in various places, not only black box theatre like the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre but also places originally not designed for theatre such as a small bar in Tokyo, an old huge warehouse in the port of Yokohama and a traditional rural village house in northern Japan. Connecting a deep research towards the classical literature and a rigid training of physical movements, Kakumoto creates an original style of dance-theatre. He is also actively involved in theatre education in Japan as well as in Portugal, India and Sri Lanka.

Director, translator, dramatologist. Holder of an MFA in theatre directing, graduate and PhD candidate of Theatre Studies Dept of the University of Athens. Associate of the «National Theatre of Greece’s Summer Academy» (2006-2009) and the internet platform «The Greek Play Project». In ANALOGIO 2016 he directed Argyro Vovou’s play Closed White and in ANALOGIO 2017 he directed Viliam Klimacek ‘s The day Gagarin died translated by Yorgos Papayannakis.

Professor of Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of Music Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is Director of the Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology Laboratory of the same Faculty. Since 2015, he is Visiting Professor at the University of California (UCLA), in the Department of Ethnomusicology. He conducted ethnographic field research in Greece (Karpathos, Thrace, Lesbos and East Macedonia), in the USA (New York-Greek immigrant community), in Egypt and in Southwest India. His dissertation is focused on the extempore dialogical poetics and music of Karpathos –the performance of the “ghlendi”, a music-cultural ceremony of great symbolic significance for the local population.
His overall academic research investigates the relations between narrative and storytelling, experience and cultural communication and focuses on the interface between ethnography, phenomenological hermeneutics and performance theory. 
He served as Head of the Faculty of Music Studies (2006-2010). He was co-founder and Director of the Graduate Programme «Music Culture and Communication: Anthropological and Communicational Approaches of Music» (2010-2012) that was run jointly by the Faculty of Music Studies and the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
In 2015, as a University Seminars Fellow of the Onassis Foundation, he gave a series of invited lectures in the US at Harvard, Michigan, Illinois, Stanford and California universities. The lectures were focused on the theme of how “the social politics of Greek culture may be understood as a concrete collective response to globalization.” Special mention was made on the role of the media in constructing and manipulating social meanings through cultural performances. 

Born in Athens. She has graduated from the Faculty of Letters at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is also a PhD and a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Theatre Studies of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. Despina Kosmopoulou examines theatre further through the philosophy proposed by Semiology. She also collaborates with universities and research centres abroad and writes in Greece and abroad. She has written two books that are published by the «Dromon» publications: Pirandello and Genet, a ‘meeting’ in the tragic and the absurd (2017) and Space Dialectics and Enclosure to the Theater (2018).

Studied Classics at the Universities of Athens and Glasgow (Phd, 1994-1997). He has taught as a Lecturer at the University of Cyprus (2000-2003), as an Assistant and then Associate Professor at the University of Montreal (2003-2009) and as a Professor at the University of Patras (2009-2010). He has been teaching at the Open University of Cyprus since July 2010.
He has taught at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris) and has been a Fellow of the «Institute for Advanced Study», Princeton. Since 2003, he has been the head of three research programs funded by the «Federal Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council» and the «Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation».
He has published three monographs «Menandri Sententiae:Introduction, Translation and Commentary» Athens 2002, « The Unknown God: Limits of Human Knowledge in the Presocratics and in «OedipusTyrannus», Athens 2003, «A Commentary on the Rhesus Attributed to Euripides», Oxford 2012) and has edited four volumes. Numerous of his articles and book reviews have been published in Greek and in international journals (Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Journal of Hellenic Studies, The Classical Quarterly, The Classical Review, etc.) and in collective volumes.
His research interests include Ancient Greek Tragedy of the 5th and 4th Century BC, Archaic Greek Poetry, Hellenistic Poetry, Epistemological and Sophiological Secretariat in Greek Antiquity, Survival of Ancient Tragedy in modern literature, ancient Greek religion etc. His current research activities include publishing Aeschylus' Seven on Thebes tragedy.

Professor of Theatre Studies, teaching at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece since 1991. He has collaborated with many theatres in Greece, directed research projects on twentieth century theatre and stage directing, ancient drama in modern times, modern Greek theatre history and drama, reception of Italian Opera and French theatre. Has published widely from 1984 in Greece and abroad and lectured on these topics in European and American universities. Founding member of the «European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama». Fellow of the «International Research Center Interweaving Performance Cultures» at the Freie Universität Berlin. Author, editor or co-editor (select.) Theatre in Greece 1940-2000. A Survey; Yannis Sideris, History of Modern Greek Theatre 1794-1944; Karolos Koun Performances; Theatre of Piraeus; Le Mythe d’Hélène; Relations France-Grèce: Le théâtre des années 1960 à nos jours; Stage and Amphi-Theatre. A Tribute to Spyros A. Evangelatos.

Rea Ann Margarita MELLBERG
Translator and Cultural consultant to the Greek Embassy in Stockholm. She has a Master’s degree from the Department of Classics in the University of Stockholm and a PhD from the University of Lund, Thesis: «Greek poets of the 1970’s». She was a teaching Fellow at the Department of Greek Modern Studies in the Universities of Lund and Upsala. She has translated the works of Konstantinos Kavafis (with the collaboration of the poet Magnus William-Olsson), Greek poets of the 1970’s and poets from Cyprus. She has been awarded with the «Translation Award of the Swedish Academy» (1991), the «Association of Friends of the Swedish Archaeological Institute of Athens Award» (1993), the «Swedish Writers' Association Translation Committee Award» (1994), the «Sture Linnér Award» (2017) and the «Stridberg Scholarship» for her translation of theatrical plays from the «Swedish Writers’ Association» (2010).

Art and culture historian, dramatist, director, critic, translator. A law school graduate, she studied theatre and filmmaking in Greece. Continued with social anthropology, history of civilizations and theatre in Paris at the «Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales» and the «Sorbonne», and her thesis was supervised by professors Robert Abirached and Pierre Vidal-Naquet. Her art and research interests focus on theatre history, ancient Greek drama and its reception, the dialogue between Greek and international stage and contemporary theatrical writing. Works for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and since February 2018 she is director of Letters & Arts. In 2005 she founded the Analogio Festival and remains its art director. Headed the Readings Dept of the National Theatre of Greece in 2008-2014. Head of International Relations of the Art Theatre Karolos Koun. Committee member of playwriting contests and commissioner of Greece’s national participation in international cultural events. She translates and directs plays. Participates with papers in conferences in Greece and abroad, publishes articles, studies and reviews, edits theatrical, literary and art publications and curates exhibitions and broadcasts on theatre. She lectures at universities, institutes and drama schools in Greece and abroad.

She holds an MA in Classical Literature and a BA and PhD in Theatre Studies (thesis: «The translations of Sophocles’ Antigone’ for the Modern Greek Stage (1850-2000)»). As Artistic Director of the theatre company «Group Equals One» she has written, directed and performed the plays: The Table, Vacuum’s Excavation, Museum Stories, Space Hamlet, Sweet Ophelia and Sacred Way 2 in Greece, Italy and Germany, in theatres, museums, festivals and open public spaces. She is Lecturer of Greek Drama, in Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens.

Dramaturg, theater studies scholar and translator. She is currently research associate at the International Research Center «Interweaving Performance Cultures» at FU Berlin and a guest lecturer at the Zurich School of the Arts. She has been working, among others, for «Berliner Festspiele», the German Federal Cultural Foundation and as a dramaturg for visual artists. She was, together with artistic director Christian Holtzhauer, responsible for re-conceptualizing and programming the international festival «Kunstfest Weimar» (2014, 2015). Together with Stéphane Braunschweig, for whom she has been working as a dramaturg since 2011, she is responsible for the current French translations of the plays of Arne Lygre. Her working and research interest include the aesthetics, theory and practice of contemporary theater, performances and drama; theories and practices of translation; international festivals; de/colonialism and dramaturgy. Her PhD thesis, focusing on the poetical dimension of the mechanical in contemporary performances, will be published this fall at «Aisthesis».

Professor of History of Modern Greek Theatre at the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens. Head of the Department and Director of the Program of Post-Graduated Studies “Greek and World Theatre-Drama, Performance Education”. Her scientific interests focus mainly on: History of Modern Greek Theatre and Drama in the 19th and the 20th centuries, Greek Theatre and Drama in Constantinople and Asia Minor in the 19th and 20th centuries, Theatre of Greek Diaspora, Modern Greek Actors: History and biography, Greek Comedy of the 19th century, Specific topics on theatre bibliography and documentation.
She has authored 13 books, including monographs and edited volumes. Moreover, more than 80 articles and studies of hers are published in scientific journals, literary magazines, collective volumes and conference proceedings. She has also participated in several conferences and she has given many lectures in Scientific and Cultural Societies.
She has completed as scientific leader seven research projects mainly funded by the Research Committee of the University of Athens and she has also participated, as member of the Scientific Committee, in three completed research programmes, funded by European Programmes (Pythagoras/Information Society/Thales).

Archimandrite Michael Har. STATHAKIS
Born in Keratéa in Attika, he graduated from the Department of History and Archaeology from the University of Ioannina and the Department of Social Theology and Religious Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Since 2018 he is attending a Master’s course in Christian Archaeology. He is the President of the Ecumenical council of Neo Psychiko’s Church of Saint George.
He has worked in the «Ecclesiastical Reclamation Department of the Church of Greece» and was a member of the Audit and Receiving Committee of restoration, and conservation works of the Archbishop of Athens, such as the Metropolitan Temple of Athens etc.

Anna Tabaki
Professor of the Theatre Studies Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a Guest Researcher at the Department (former Centre) for Neohellenic Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRS). 
She is interested in comparative literature, with special emphasis on history of ideas, on translation issues, on comparative dramatology and on the history of the Modern Greek theatre during the 18th and 19th centuries. She was also interested for a long time on the history of periodical press (19th c.). She has authored (or co-authored) 24 books, either monographs or edited volumes, and about 150 articles, book-reviews and essays in renowned Greek and international academic journals (e.g. «Études Balkaniques», «Revue des Études Sud-Est Européennes», «Synthésis», «Neohelicon», «Studies on Voltaire and the 18th century», «Journal of Modern Greek Studies»).

Emeritus Professor of Classics at Oxford University and Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. His books range from The Stagecraft of Aeschylus (OUP, 1977), to Pots and Plays (Getty Publications, 2007). He founded the «Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama» with Edith Hall, in 1996. He was elected to the British Academy in 1995, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Athens in 2013. The leading recurrent theme of his work has been the reception of poetry and drama through performance and material culture, in both ancient and modern times. Recently he has been translating plays with the aim of including the kind of musicality and colour which will be effective in live performance.  He has published Euripides Medea (Chicago UP, 2013), Sophocles Oedipus the King and other tragedies (Oxford World’s Classics, 2016) and Aeschylus Oresteia (Norton, 2018). Throughout his career he has tried to keep one foot outside the academy, especially in broadcasting and theatre, both within and beyond the UK. Productions that he has collaborated with include the Ôresteia (1981-2, dir. Peter Hall), The Thebans (1992, dir. Adrian Noble), the Ôresteia (1999-2000, dir. Katie Mitchell) and Swallow Song (2004, 2006 dir. Lydia Koniordou).