Akis Dimou, The recognition Seven years I spent in the shadow of a woman unknown to me, whose name means star yet she made my gloom even darker. I fought her clothes with my clothes, her body with my body, her joy with my desolation, the river of her life with the...

Natalya Vorozhbyt BAD ROADS

Six short stories are set along the roads of Donbass during the war. There are no safe spaces and no one can make sense of what is going on. Even as they are trapped in the chaos, some manage to wield authority over others.

Focus on Iakovos Kambanellis: THE SUICIDE

Mimikos, an honest man, works for many years as a cashier, in the dimly lit offices of a company. He is accused, through no fault of his own, of embezzlement when a small cash deficit is discovered. Unable to accept how ungrateful people can be, Mimikos decides to commit suicide.

Focus on Iakovos Kambanellis: LETTER TO ORESTES – University of Palermo

Clytemnestra writes a letter to Orestes, recounting the events that led her to murder Agamemnon. The purpose of the letter is not to ask for forgiveness, or to escape Orestes’ and Electra’s vengeful anger, but to tell her own story, to explain her own emotions and the situation she was facing.

Focus on Iakovos Kambanellis: IBSENLAND

This play converses with Ibsen’s work, and as Kambanellis has claimed, ‘it’s a study of The Vampires and especially of the two main characters there, Pastor Manders and Mrs Alving’. The story unfolds in the backstage of a theatre, on the night of the final performance of The Vampires.