Panagiotis Mentis RECONSTITUTION

A strange tale from Greek mythology. The meeting between Tereus, king of Thrace, and the two daughters of his Athenian ally, King Pandion, and the passion they share. One, Procne, will become his official consort; the other, Philomela, will claim him as her lover.

ODC Ensemble – Elli Papakonstantinou REVOLT ATHENΣ

REVOLT ATHENΣ is a poetic “Lonely Planet” that comes from the edge of Europe, where facts blare with fantasies. How can we reverse the stereotypical image of Athens partly perceived as a deadened city, partly as an exotic Southern experiment on sustainable strategies in times of crisis?

Klairi Lionaki REALITY

Klairi Lionaki, Reality Superman is interviewed on a TV show. A cleaner dreams of becoming a singer. A man is sitting on a bench. Two others are shopping in a store. A prophet reveals his multiple faces. A director believes himself to be God. And a chaser of...