Akis Dimou, The recognition Seven years I spent in the shadow of a woman unknown to me, whose name means star yet she made my gloom even darker. I fought her clothes with my clothes, her body with my body, her joy with my desolation, the river of her life with the...

Focus on Iakovos Kambanellis: THE SUICIDE

Mimikos, an honest man, works for many years as a cashier, in the dimly lit offices of a company. He is accused, through no fault of his own, of embezzlement when a small cash deficit is discovered. Unable to accept how ungrateful people can be, Mimikos decides to commit suicide.

Focus on Iakovos Kambanellis: THE DIALOGUE

A one-act play subtitled: ‘A conversation and a non-conversation between two characters’. A couple, Anna and Dimitris, have become two strangers living in the same house. They have very little left to say to each other.

Focus on Iakovos Kambanellis: THE GORILLA AND THE HYDRANGEA

The Professor, married to the dutiful, and wealthy, Mary, brings a gorilla to their upper-class house which doubles also as laboratory for his studies. The gorilla was procured for his experiments from the zoo, and the Professor treats the animal if it were a normal human being.