Focus on Iakovos Kambanellis: THE PARODOS OF THEBES

This play presents a possible development of the plot Antigone, seen from the point of view of two secondary characters of Sophoclean tragedy, ones that were never assigned the heroism and moral courage of the tragic figures we all know.


In an indeterminate time, five scoundrels from Greek history, posing as actors, re-enact three events: the Asia Minor military campaign, the catastrophe that followed, and the execution of the six generals held responsible. events that indeed were key in the rise and subsequent demise of the ‘Great Idea’.

Sofia Kalogeraki THE COMPASS

Here are two iconic figures: one of them, Manto Mavrogenous, is real. Among the brave fighters of the Greek Revolution of 1821, Mavrogenous was a courageous woman, fighting for her personal beliefs, and against all forms of power. The other comes from myth – almighty Prometheus, one of the oldest references we have to the idea of revolution.

Abbas Αbdolahzadeh THE DEATH OF HAMAN

Crafty Mordecai seeks for power and wants to glorify his tribe in the empire of Achemenides. Therefore, he approaches the king of Persia, Xerxis. With the help of his niece, Mordecai tries to persuade the King to fight with all the tribes of his kingdom and he arises conspiracies around him. Finally, he will achieve his goals. However, he will soon be murdered and his niece Esther will become the queen of Persia.

Jean Genet THE MAIDS

Jean Genet’s legendary play comes back to the scene of the Theatro Technis -Ypogeio, just 50 years after his first presentation to the Greek audience in translation by Odysseas Elytis, directed by Dimitris Hatzjimarkos and with Reni Pittaki, Marina Georgiou and Ekali Sokou in the three roles.
The plot, in a few words, is as follows: Two housemaids devise the extermination of the adored but totally hateful Lady, “Madame”. Their naive plans fail and turn against them.