Christoforos Christofis 

“Euripides Furens” (Euripidis Mainomenos)

Directed by Nikos Chatzipapas

A summary of the work

Euripides lives on his estate on Salamis with his slave Daos. There, they receive frequent visits from Selana, an Athenian courtesan, and Antisthenis, a student of Socrates and later founder of the Cynical School of Philosophy. In their conversations, they comment on, criticize and philosophize about people, events and the atmosphere prevailing in Athens towards the end of the Peloponnesian War and after it, when the Athenian alliance has been defeated.

Excerpt from the work

SELANA: Not long ago, as I was walking up from the coast, beside the cistern, I stopped because I felt him… it was Euripides.

Worry not, he says, for I come up every now and then.

I wanted to ask you: Socrates… did he ask after me? …I left without seeing him… in all the panic… there just wasn’t time… but I can say that neither his shade nor his spirit has visited me where I am…

I feel you, you’re not telling me everything… so did Socrates come or not?

How could he… you should have seen him…

You fled like a fugitive… and then the whole world collapsed.

Did you hear nothing… down there in your field of poppies…

I ask him

They put him on trial, they poisoned him. The authorities did!


News doesn’t reach this place, it doesn’t get here fast… he replies…

And you, how did you come here from There? …I ask him, angered…

I can’t hear, I don’t hear… he said over and over… the sound fades… along with the light

He managed to say only this…

Socratesss, Socratesssss…

And the impression was gone, my friends… the feel of him, with a sibilant hisss…

Christoforos Christofis

Born to Greeks of the diaspora, he grew up in Athens. He studied in Paris, and spent much of his youth in that city, as well as in Italy and New York.

He made a name for himself when still very young with his films Periplanisi [Wandering] and Roza, which took awards at international festivals and were praised by critics in the Greek and international Press. He has also directed pioneering musical works and contemporary operas: by Marian Kouzan and Anonio Cericola in France and Italy, and Yiannis Drositis and Nikos Xanthoulis in Greece.

He has collaborated with Eleni Karaindrou, who wrote music for his films, and with Perikles Koukos on the staged cantata A diary for passers-by, with his own texts and lyrics. He has adapted prose works from the French and English for the stage, as well as Menander’s The Shield. In 2000, his play May Fly was staged by an English theatre company at the Old Vic in London. For TV (ERT1), he directed the series Lost Spring, based on the novel of the same name by Stratis Tsirkas, and Georgios Vizyinos: The silence of the angels, which took the major Greek TV awards for 2000.

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