Christos Polymenakos, 13μF [13 minor fears or minor forces]

13mF (13 minor fears or minor forces] is a rhyming, modular composition in Greek, English and Greeklish (the author was born in America). The 13 autonomous, separately headed parts make up a kind of public confession, a personal discourse that is deeply bold and provocative in terms of both form and content. A torrent of verbal patterns,
sounds, words and syllables, songs and numbers that suggest positions and rhythms already from the paper and orchestrate peculiar puns full of humor and self-sarcasm. There are no roles or stage directions. The text is proposed as an excavation site where everyone—director, choreographer, actors, dancers, musicians, the audience— find elements and a reference for themselves, the text itself or vice versa. Analogio 2007 features selected excerpts from the play as a work in progress. This first stage presentation comes in the context of a research project on the place of the body in today’s urban environment and the various ways of using a text, and is the first stage of an installation of kinetic improvisation performed by those present. The project involves an international team of both professional and amateur practitioners from all fields of artistic creation.

3. Fluoride
Fluoride, chlorine, bromine, iodine
Where are all those I had?
Honestly, I didn’t spend them!
And as soon as I found them, the same
thing happens!
God, why should it happen to me again?
On a cold table with a fluorescent light
everything flat in the color of cold
They picked up the body and are going
to bury it, they’ll paint the sun in the
color of cold,
and it will no longer warm us
God, why should it happen to me again?
I had it, I’m telling you!
I had it here, tight in my fist
and I loved it so much

Director – Choreographer: Antigone Gyra
Dramaturg: Antonis Galeos
Music composer: Tilemachos Moussas
Live percussion improvisation: Anastasis Gouliaris
Costumes designer: Vicky Adamou
Actors: Maria Saliari, Evgenia Sigalou

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