Copi, The four twins

In this play the demonic Copi has created for his heroines a frightfully violent purgatory, a cell of terror disguised as a house in which they take turns becoming one another’s torturer and victim. Two worlds closely linked and clashing between themselves as well as against their own alter ego, with incalculably painful consequences. The one pair of twins, Maria and Leila, two elegant ladies with a suspicious past, turn constantly against each other but also against the other pair, Fougere and Josephine — their fat (at least one of them is) prospective maids. The story opens at an isolated house in Alaska, cut off by the snow, amidst the panic caused by a rather aggressive pack of dogs—the ‘present’ of Maria to her sister Leila for their birthday.

MARIA: Stop barking, you filthy dogs! I’ll kill them all! Look what they did to my dress! The damn pack of animals! Fuck! They tore my sleeve to pieces! I’ll have a heroin injection. Where’s the syringe?
LEILA: Maria, it’s time for my heroin!
MARIA: I can’t do everything at once! I am looking for the syringe! Those damn dogs have wrecked the entire place!
LEILA: What dogs?
MARIA: Our dogs! Your present for our birthday!
LEILA: Is it our birthday?
LEILA: Maria, why did you buy these dogs?
MARIA: I thought you liked Alaskan dogs.
LEILA: I hate them. Ouch! What are you doing?
MARIA: Keep still!
LEILA: You’re hurting me!
MARIA: I can’t find a vein!
LEILA: Ouch!

Translator: Nektarios-Georgios Konstantinidis
Directors: Ioulia Siamou, Georgina Tzoumaka
Actors: Maria Branidou, Ioulia Rizopoulou, Ioulia Siamou, Haris Symeonidou

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