David Zábranský


Directed by Vangelis Voyatzis


Once the dog and his master have come back from their daily walk, a strange thing happens. The Human owner is exhausted, but Dog now possesses a voice, stands up for his rights and begins to claim those things he was been deprived of until today. This is a play about human nature and desires, a meditation on our need to give orders; a play about liberation from any form of oppressive power.


DOG: We need reforms. There’s a need for the bad, non-dynamic habits to be put aside. Because lately, something has changed dramatically. We just need to open our eyes and look around us. See? There’s a new age around us. And that includes the fact that inside me, one won’t find some void, a non-existence. There’s a soul in here…

HUMAN: Excuse me? What did you just say?

David Zábranský was born in 1977 and is a well-known Czech writer. He studied Media and Law at Charles University, in Prague. He only practices law in the NGO sector. He has worked at The Counselling Center for Citizenship/Civil and Human Rights, an organization that aims to coordinate delivery of aid to refugees. He was awarded the Megnedia Litera Prize as best new writer of the year for his first book, The Beach But This. In 2020 he contributed an essay to an anthology of 17 corona-stories and, in the same year, he wrote Republika: a book on the murder of a young journalist that resulted in political and social turmoil in Slovakia. He lives in Athens for long periods.

Text: David Zambransky

Translation: Sonia Stamou Dorniakova

Directed by: Evangelos Vogiatzis

Dramaturgy: Spyros Betsis

Director’s Assistant: Arianna Hatzigalanou

With Grigoris Poimenidis and Michalis Taktikakis.

Director’s note:

In a world that is constantly changing, something remains steady since the dawn of time. The fluid chaos that constantly penetrates and breaks the strongest of bonds. Somewhere there emerges the matter that fuels all this movement, the conscious or unconscious function of domination. The instinct for survival nurtures the sense of coercion but what happens when intelligent beings further their selfish purposes? Balance is lost. The dominant gradually becomes the dominated and the world continues to change.

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