Efthimis Filippou Scenes

The Scenes are excerpts that work as either self-contained short stories or as parts of larger stories where one has to add the ‘before’ or the ‘after’ or both. They aim primarily to describe rather than document or talk about something specific. A simplistic structure was chosen, with no apparent connection among the pieces, so as to present a set through which people live, talk, sleep, die and get born.

MAN: Don’t be scared. I am not going to rape you. I know how it is to be raped and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through that. I know how it is to wait in the dark for the door to open, I know how it is when someone whom you don’t want enters you by force and there’s nothing you can do about it.
WOMAN: In my dream you were on your motorbike, and you said “Will you come for a ride?” I got on the bike and it went straight for the clouds, very high up. I said: “Stop, I am scared”. And then we stopped at a café and had some coffee. But when we got up to leave, the bike wasn’t there and we didn’t know how to get back, and then we started falling rapidly downwards. You said: “If we get separated, we’ll meet back home”. I got home to wait for you, but you weren’t coming so I got out on the balcony and I saw pieces of you coming down from the sky: your hand, your leg, your arm. I started screaming. Your back fell onto my head. And I woke up terrified.

Director: Manos Lambrakis in collaboration with Zoi Chatziantoniou
Stage manager: Dafni Koutra
Participants in the Crowd: Ilias Panagiotakopoulos, Manos Karatzogiannis, Nana Papadaki, Sivi Sideri, Babis Galiatsatos, Dora Stylianesi, Rita Litou, Theano Vasiliou, Dimosthenis Eleftheriadis, Aris Tsambalikas, Haris Symeonidou, Angeliki Kontou, Irene Tsirigoti, Aris Agathos, Efthimis Christou; the Theatro Technis Drama School students Danae Loukaki, Vassilis Athanasopoulos, Giannis Bletas; and 50 more professional and amateur actors

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