Elias Venezis, Mount of Olives

Actor Alexandra Pantelaki reads the short story in public venues, traditional coffee shops and historic monuments of Lesvos island, accompanied by guitarist Stamatis Mazaris

Molyvos, Old Market 2/8, Thermi Beach 4/8, Mytilene, Teriade Museum 5/8, Agiassos, “Reading Rooms” 6/8, Polichnitos, Schoolyard 8/8, Kalloni, Square 11/8, Skala Eressou, Schoolyard 10/8

The night was advanced. The morning dew was coming down.
– I am cold, said Akeef.
– It will soon be dawn, said the old Christian man. We must sleep. He gets up. Akeef follows suit. Takes a step towards the hut. Unsure. His knees are trembling.
– Lean on me, said the Christian to the Turk.


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