Rewriting Ancient Greek Myths today

21–26 September 2020

The International Analogio Festival, a major cultural institution, is back!

A Programme of Theatre, Literature and the Arts with performances, readings, screenings, workshops, conferences, sound walks and events in the historical centre of the city. Two tributes, nine plays, an international conference, workshops, book presentations, pre-festival events.

Megaron the Athens Concert Hall, Zappeion, Association of Greek Archaeologists, Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

Now in its 17th consecutive year, the International Analogio Festival will be opening its doors to the public from 21 September to 10 October 2020 at 20:00 (doors open: 19:00), presenting a rich program of events. The Festival will respect every public health guideline. Given the exceptional circumstances brought into being by COVID-19, the Analogio 2020 Festival will this year be presenting only the Greek part of its program live. It will, however, also be participating in and co-staging conversations on-line.

The festival has invited prestigious Greek authors both to write short-form pieces and to propose works of theirs for presentation on subjects taken from ancient Greek and Latin literature, myths and history. All the texts in the program contribute to the long tradition of literary transcriptions of myths and history, and approach their subjects from a contemporary viewpoint with a modern style, poetic language, sensitivity and humour.


Monday 21/9: Opening ceremony

Tuesday 22/9: Christoforos Christofis, Euripidis Mainomenos [Euripides Furens], directed by Nikos Chatzipapas

Wednesday 23/9: Akis Dimou, Andromache i topio gynaikas sto ypsos tis nychtas [Andromache or landscape of a woman at the height of night], directed by Theodoros Espiritou

Thursday 24/9: Tzeni Dagla, Gourouna, Athoos [Sow. Innocent], directed by Nova Melancholia

Friday 25/9: Panagiotis Mentis, Anaparastasi [Reconstitution], directed by Kostis Kapelonis

Saturday 26/9: Giannis Soldatos, Den pao polemo [I won’t go to war], directed by Giorgos Livanos

Sunday 27/9: Alexis Damianos (A tribute to Damianos’ theatrical oeuvre), directed by Dimitris Pantelias

Thursday 1/10: George Veltsos, Schedio gia Faidra [Plan for Phaedra], directed by Mania Papadimitriou

Tuesday 6/10: Sonia Zacharatou, Adrianos-Antinoos. Enas autokratorikos erotas [Hadrian-Antinous. An imperial love affair, directed by Nikaiti Kontouri

Thursday 8/10: Guy de Maupassant, Boule de Suif [Ball of Lard], directed by Vangelis Vogiatzis. Staged by the student theatre group of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens’ Department of French Language and Literature (in French).

Friday 9/10: Andreas Staikos, Alkistis kai glyka oneira [Alceste and sweet dreams], directed by Andreas Staikos

Saturday 10/10: Dimitris Oikonomou, To tragoudi tis Fleris [Fleri’s song], directed by Manos Karatzogiannis

Admission is free (with an optional contribution)

BOOKING SEATS (include your name and address, the title of the work, the date, and the number of seats required): By phone on 6945 959739 (weekdays 2:00pm-7pm) or by email to


[educational programmes, actions in public spaces, new media, book presentations, a conferenc, student theatre]

The festival will be recording all the works (audiobooks) in cooperation with the Music Research and Technology Laboratory of the Department of Music Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with a view to facilitating access for people with special needs.

In addition, in the furtherance of its educational and social goals, this year’s Festival will feature the student theatre group of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens’ Department of French Language and Literature, who will be performing Guy de Maupassant‘s “Boule de Suif” [Ball of Lard], directed by Vangelis Vogiatzis.

International Conference

Following on from the International Conference which addressed “Poetics and Politics in Ancient Greek Tragedy” in the context of last year’s Festival with the participation of academics, researchers and artists from around the world, we are this year organizing an international conference on “Myths and Ancient Greek Tragedy: Their reception, representation and interconnection in contemporary theatre”, in collaboration with the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (Arc-Net). Academics and theatre professionals from Greece and abroad will be participating. The closing session will feature a presentation of the activities of Arc-Net and the Ancient Drama Laboratory which has recently been set up by the Theatre Studies Department at the University of Athens.

Acting-improvisation workshop

“Approaching the performance of ancient drama through Indian rajas”.

Curators: Michaela Antoniou and Marina Mergou

Audio dérives and performances in public space

The program is led by Geert Vermeire, an international artist active in peripatetic performances including new media around the world. For the 2020 Analogio Festival, the artist proposes a combined program of recordings and presentations of sounds and soundscapes, readings of texts and stories, and personal narratives from before, during and after the period of quarantine.

Two seminars will be held as part of this action:

  • Augmented Literature and Theatre during and after the pandemic:

Οnline seminar (one afternoon) in collaboration with Sound Walk September and the British Library.

Curators: Stella Wisdom (British Library) and Geert Vermeire (CGeomap).

  • Into the Artmosphere:

(online) workshop for performative artists, writers and other creative creatives.

Curators: Environmental scientist Dr. Rich Blundell, artist Geert Vermeire and literature researcher Simona Vermeire.

“A tribute to Konstantinos Chatzopoulos”

Peripatetic performance with soundscapes and new media

One of a series of events organized by the Municipality of Agrinio to mark CHATZOPOULOU YEAR 2020, this performance is staged in cooperation with both the Municipality and Regional Municipal Theatre of Agrinio.

 “Revolution? Rewriting ancient myths today”

Participating in the celebrations to mark the bicentenary of the 1821 revolution, the Analogio Festival announces a series of worldwide events for 2021 entitled “Revolution? Rewriting ancient myths today”.

In Greece, the Festival will be staged on 21–26 September 2021 in various archaeological, public and other sites of special significance around Athens.

The Programme will include: the presentation of new short-form works to be selected by an international jury via an international call for new works; an international conference; seminars and programmes; actions by and with children; activities involving new media and peripatetic performances.

The Artistic Curator of the Greek program is the playwright, dramatist and translator Manos Lambrakis.

In collaboration with the Festival’s creative group and its international Jury, the Artistic Curator will select the texts that will be presented, translated and published in either printed or electronic form in the context of the international call for participation.

Three major prizes will be awarded on the last day of the International Analogio Festival 2021 for, respectively, a Greek Text, an international text, and a performance.

In relation to the Festival events to be staged beyond Greece during 2021, emphasis will be placed on organizing cultural events/actions in conjunction with other institutions, and on participating in festivals around the Balkans, thereby strengthening the Greek artistic and cultural presence close to home. The translation of Greek plays and their performance in collaboration with artistic institutions in Turkey, Bosnia Herzegovina and the Ukraine has already been scheduled.

The time has come to issue a Call for the authoring of new works.


The INTERNATIONAL ANALOGIO FESTIVAL extends an invitation to authors the world over.

The International Analogio Festival invites authors from around the world to pen short-form works (of up to 5,000 words) for presentation at the International Analogio Festival 2021 on the subject of:

“?A 200-year-long revolution?”

21–26 September 2021, Athens

Texts may be submitted in the following languages: Greek, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian.

Works must be accompanied by a short presentation text (of up to 250 words), and a signed copy of the declaration of acceptance below.

Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2021

Submission e-mails: and

Download the participation/acceptance form from the link:


Further information about the “200-year-long revolution?” writing programme, along with the detailed programme of the INTERNATIONAL ANALOGIO FESTIVAL 2020, will be published on the Festival’s official website

The Analogio Festival 2020 is staged with the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Costopoulos Foundation and the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and in collaboration with the University of Athens, the Association of Greek Book Publishers & the Book Festival 2020.

The Analogio Festival will implement every recommendation and guideline issued by the Hellenic Ministry of Health in relation to ensuring suitable and controlled conditions for the safe staging of events in relation to COVID-19. For this reason, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to PRE-BOOK a place by sending an e-mail to

The Festival reserves the right to postpone or cancel all or part of its program if public health considerations demand it.

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