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The Parodos of Thebes

Higher Drama School Agias Varvaras «Iakovos Kambanellis»

Director: Massimo Moumouris

Wednesday 21 September 2022 at 20:15

Theatre Aliki, Pedion Areos Park


GUARD: […] there’s something else, though… perhaps the most significant thing here…  I haven’t told this to your mother, for she won’t understand it, but you I will tell… there is this fear that you just don’t know where it comes from, and that bitterly suggests to you ‘just stay in your lane and don’t look elsewhere, these are things beyond your control…! Not even those who think they have taken ownership of the situation, can actually bring about change. Who are you to think you can manage otherwise…?’

PHYSICIAN: … (irritated)… here, answer me, come, I ask you this…! They brought a baby to me to slaughter and I refused to do it…! Is this an accusation then…? Answer me this, each and every one of you… (to the WOMAN) … would you slaughter that baby…?

WOMAN: … I am just a woman…


This play presents a possible development of the plot Antigone, seen from the point of view of two secondary characters of Sophoclean tragedy, ones that were never assigned the heroism and moral courage of the tragic figures we all know. The first of the two is the Physician, given the task of abandoning Oedipus so that patricide could be avoided; the other one is the Guard who brought Creon the news of the burial of Polyneices. The plot of Kambanellis’s one-act play takes place after the burial and the suicides of Antigone, Haemon and Jocasta, when riots break out in Thebes between the followers of Creon and Oedipus.


Text: Iakovos Kambanellis

Higher Drama School Agias Varvaras «Iakovos Kambanellis»

Director: Massimo Moumouris

Performers: Eve Karakaxa, Artemis Cybelou, Chrysanthi Marketou, Garyphalia Marini, Vasso Marini, Aphrodite Sarantea

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