Theatrical analogio: a stage form for introducing theatrical texts, playwriting and theatre literature. The reading of a play is done by actors and addressed to the audience, without the director’s mediation, highlighting the vitality and specificity of this writing. It is the interface of the theatre between the textual and stage situation.

The Festival was founded by Sissy Papathanasiou, cultural historian, dramatist, director and translator, who, with her personal commitment and belief in the prospects of modern Greek theatre, has made the festival a popular institution. Under Sissy’s aegis, Analogio has continuously increased its international activity and visibility, participating in international networks, cooperating with the International Forum of Playwrights and the International Theatre Institute of UNESCO, and becoming a member of the European Association of Festivals EFA and since 2017 has been designated as a “Remarkable Festival of EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe)” as part of “an important effort for the promotion of artistic creation and cultural exchange.”

The International Analogio Festival is now a recognized institution of global scope, par eminently cosmopolitan, a role model for cultural intervention and  diplomacy, a reference point in Greece for the creation and performance of dramatic text throughout the world., a presentation platform for contemporary developments in theatre, poetry, dramaturgy and literary and stage writing. At the same time, it opens public debate on political and social issues that concern us all, promotes pertinent research and academic dialogue, and supports the conversation between theatre and the other arts, between theatre and technology, and between art and science.

To date, the Analogio festival has presented to the public more than 300 new Greek and foreign works in its main program and around 500 events in total, with almost 2000 artistic contributors. More than 200 writers watched their works for the first time on the Analogio stage, while new writers from Greece and abroad were introduced to the theatre-loving public through the event. Correspondingly, young directors, actors, musicians, choreographers, photographers and visual artists who today belong to the artistic potential of the country, stood out by presenting their artistic proposals at Analogio.