International Competition. 11 new plays


Judy Meiksin
Leaving Cremona

Direction: Konstantina Nikolaidou

 Friday 23 September 2022 at 21:00
Theatre Aliki, Pedion Areos Park


You can’t take apart your violin! It would be like taking you apart! I could recognize it was you everywhere you went, because of your violin. On the train platform, on the roads. My mystery dream. I can recognize you in the middle of the night—


Having survived the Holocaust, during which he lost his wife and children, Jozef is given a second chance to build a new family with Helena, a Polish Jew. We meet them in the refugee camp in Cremona, where they waiting to depart for Palestine. A happy life for Josef’s new family becomes endangered when Helena’s pregnancy causes her immense anxiety. Jozef himself is faced with some difficult choices as he struggles to do the best he for everyone.


Judy Meiksin is a playwright & poet from Pittsburgh, PA. Her plays have been produced by Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company (PPTCO), WOMENSCENE, and Queer Theater, and workshopped with The LAB Project. She has received grants from The Lambda Foundation & PPTCO; she has a BA from Carnegie Mellon University & MFA from the University of Pittsburgh.


Text: Judy Meiksin

Translation: Smaro Kotsia

Direction: Konstantina Nikolaidou

Performers: Nikos Vatikiotis, Philippa Koutoupa

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