Leia Vitali, Zeibekiko

We are witnessing the final hours in the life of Lefteris, a black-clad popular song composer. Holding a cigarette and a beer, Lefteris thinks back to the women in his life, the events that marked him, the years of his youth and the unfulfilled expectations. All the people, the key encounters but above all the songs parade before him. Following a Zeibekiko pace—the dance that measures itself against death—the play is about love, about passion, about disaster, about the Greece that laid the ground for today, all through the story of a man who loved and was loved intensely, who was both persecuted and glorified, who left himself prey to passion, sealing his time and carrying upon him the seal of history.

LEFTERIS: It’s because you don’t have a child. That’s it. That’s why you don’t know what it means to me. This kind of love you don’t know, lady.
STELLA: Well, no, I don’t know it. I don’t have a kid. I DON”T. I have nothing. I never had anything—nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing…
LEFTERIS: I am sorry. Forgive me. Will you forgive me? Why do I keep making mistakes, small mistakes, mistakes, fucking why? Let me make a big mistake for once, and get it over with — fuck me…Let me find the power to make a major mistake—a major one. And not to be ashamed of it. For a major mistake is not a mistake, lady, it’s a life attitude […].
LEFTERIS: They won’t even let you love yourself, lady. They keep hitting you with your own unworthiness. It’s the country’s fault. The people’s. No one has ever managed to be what he wanted, not even the president, because the president didn’t merit being president and the others knew it, but they were not merit being presidents, either; I only wanted to be myself but they didn’t like that self, they wanted to trample on it and they did, and I joined them: I became part of the mud. Part of the mud […].
STELLA: The truth only comes too late, when it does not matter anymore. It will only do harm.
MYRSINI: Lying does harm.
STELLA: But the truth is only another lie, dear. The greatest of all. He only wanted to be loved. By all. All. By everyone. The animals, the birds, the air. Was that a bad thing? What do you think? I have no idea.

Mavromihali Studio
Director: Fotis Makris
Music selection: Giorgos Ninios
Actors: Giorgos Ninios, Stella Krouska, Maria Katsouli

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