International Competition. 11 new plays


Lydia Vie
Heartbreak Hotel

Direction: Lydia Vie 

Friday 23 September 2022 at 20:00
Theatre Aliki, Pedion Areos Park


ZACHARY: We didn’t scan you, Eden!

EDEN: I’m not a hotel guest. There’s no need for me to be scanned.

AMBER: What is that supposed to mean?

EDEN: It means that you’re not going anywhere until the “Healed Heart” indication shows up when I scan you.

AMBER: And how long will…

EDEN: I don’t know how long this will take. We’ve never had a situation like yours before. Well, great. Now there are four of you, the hotel is full. Until you’re all healed, we cannot accept any more guests.


There is a place for those who have died of a broken heart in the afterlife: Heartbreak Hotel. Guests stay until their heart is mended; then, they depart for the other world, once and for all. Receptionist at the hotel is the enigmatic Eden. She has lived and worked at Heartbreak Hotel for the entirety of the last 5257 years. She checks in only four guests at a time, and when their broken hearts are fully healed, they are allowed to leave. But now, unexpectedly, a fifth guest arrives. This curious event is followed by a series of challenging situations. New dynamics develop between characters, there are departures, and a question is hangs in the air: who does own eternity?


Lydia Vie is an actor and writer. Her writing credits include: ‘2055’ as part of ‘LOCKEDOWN/LOCKEDIN’ (dir. Baris Celiloglu, online, 2021) which received the Best Original Script Award at the Athens International Art Film Festival; ‘Great Expectations’, an adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens (dir. Anastasia Revi, Playground Theatre, London, 2019), which received an OffComm commendation; and Borderline (dir. Esther Fernandez, Lion & Unicorn Theatre, 2018). Lydia’s acting training includes: Theatre Lab Company (2017-2021); RADA Contemporary Acting (2018); Stella Adler Studio of Acting (2012-2013); and New York Film Academy (2010). Theatre credits (acting) include: Emmeline (2021), Madame X (2019), Mothers and Lovers (2019), Six Nights on the Acropolis (2018), A Respectable Wedding (2018) and Splinters (2018). Short film and online credits (acting) include: The Memory of Water (2022), Lockedown Locked In (2021), Madame X (2020), Love Letters (2020), Enodia (2019), Nightmare (2018) and Susanna al Bagno di Sangue (2017).  Lydia was the Artistic Director of Theatre Lab Company’s online theatre festival, ‘Stories from the Lockdown Era’ in 2021. Lydia holds a diploma in Creative Producing and has a degree in Physiology from Oxford University.


Text – Direction: Lydia Vie

Translation: Sevi Filippidou

Choreographer: Phoebe Stapleton

Sound and Music Design: Konstantinos Koubiadis

Set – Costumes: Theatre Lab Company

Production: Theatre Lab Company

Performers: Elias Alexeas, Christiana Maycea, Tommy Papaioannou, Chrysi Tzanetou, Faidra Faitaki, Sevi Filippidou

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