Manos Lambrakis, Pferdetanz (Horses’ dance)

until Agamemnon leads alone naked the hated Agamemnon the white-gold horses of Dance-Master Artemis from the Stone Forest of the roaring Issa, Baal Zeboub and Demo,
Before the shadow of the dead Achilles Who still stuttered the Greek words of his idolized companion Bury me for soon I will be crossing the gates of Hades and then his own ultimate words farewell, oh my Patroclus, speechless now stand before Achilles and Patroclus the horses of Mytilene and before twelve Trojans are taken before the Greek pyre
under the mournful sounds of Jean Sibelius Baal Zeboub raises his two huge gold and ivory legs Embraces Demo and they stay thus, huge and beautiful God, how beautiful Silent In a valse triste drawn by Boreas and Zephyrus Before the sockets of the three-pupil eyes Shed six huge drops of black tears Before the last sperm leaves the genitalia Before the full-moon mouths throw up the last blood along with Attican sea salt Which drenches the Greek body of an Agamemnon Who pulls back the bow as the seasoned Trojan actor Temessus drunkenly sings the final Greek hymn and goes first into the great fire alive.


Actor: Eva Kotamanidou
Featuring “Valse triste” by Jean Sibelius

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