Maria Tsima, Straight rights

Two years ago I started collecting the testimonies of women who had come to Greece from various countries, mostly ex-European Union. It all started when my bedridden father was looked after a foreign woman. After many discussions I was left moved by the special relationship this woman had developed with him, my mother and me. She had left her country, her own father, husband and children and had come to tend to an ageing body. Loretta from Sierra Leone, Marina from Georgia, Natasha from Lithuania, Clara from Poland, Todorka from Bulgaria, Oxana from Russia… I wonder if talking about these women I am actually talking about ourselves…

Is it a crime that I speak Greek? It’s your language! You should be glad I speak Greek.” And she hung up on me.

Director: Giorgos Paloumbis
Actors: Lida Protopsalti, Anatoli Athanasiadou, Elena Marsidou, Marina Polymeri, Stefi Poulopoulou

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