Nina Rapi, Edgewise

A family of six in a remote provincial place in Western Macedonia, Greece, a stone’s throw from the “border”. Dangerous acrobatics.

MANOS: (softly) Why didn’t you tell me?
DAPHNE: I wanted to be sure first.
MANOS: And when you were…why didn’t you tell me first?
DAPHNE: I was afraid of your reaction. I couldn’t bear you telling me to get rid of it.
MOTHER: You damn right, he would. Tell her, Manos, tell her to come to her senses.
MANOS: She won’t listen to me. Not any more.
FATHER: Tell her, you…(he is overtaken with revulsion) Tell her!
MANOS: Daphne, we can’t have a child. We can’t.
DAPHNE: I can and I will. I will.
MANOS: Think, Daphne, think. Life will be hell for that child.
DAPHNE: Life will be hell for me without that child, Manos, (Pause), without you.
ELIAS: You should be locked up!
THEODORA: The whole world will despise you, have you thought of that?
DAPHNE: I can face the world.
THEODORA: And do you think we can face the world after that?
DAPHNE: That’s for you to deal with. Everyone feels total exasperation. DAPHNE is shaken but keeps her resolve. MOTHER is thinking on her feet.
MOTHER: Everyone will spit on our faces. I’ll lose my stall, your father will have to close down his kiosk, we’ll be ruined. Do you understand? That little bastard will mean nothing but constant shame, gossip and ridicule.
DAPHNE: This child will mean nothing but love and hope.
MOTHER: You’re out of your mind.
DAPHNE: I never felt more sane. I’m keeping this child.
MOTHER: (with cold cruelty) You’re doing nothing of the kind.
(MOTHER makes a quick and determined decision. She grabs DAPHNE and makes her sit down, holding her tight.)
MOTHER: Elias! Come here and punch her in the belly!
(DAPHNE can’t quite believe that her mother has just said this or that ELIAS will actually do anything. She doesn’t resist at first. ELIAS is indeed hesitant. FATHER, MANOS and THEODORA are shocked but do not move.)
MOTHER: Move boy and do as I tell you, I know what I’m doing.
(DAPHNE now tries to free herself. MOTHER though has an iron grip on her.)
MOTHER: Move boy! Now! You want the whole family to die of shame? Move!
(ELIAS looks at Manos. MANOS seems transfixed. ELIAS attacks him.)
ELIAS: Scum! It’s all your fault.
MOTHER: Come here now! Now!
(ELIAS makes up his mind and pushes himself in front of DAPHNE. She looks at him. He hesitates once more.)
MOTHER: It’s for her good, too! Punch, boy, punch until you see blood running down her legs. I had it done to me. I know what I’m doing. Punch, punch, punch!

Organizers: “Dytika tis Polis” theatre group
Translation: Eleftheria Raptou
Director: Takis Tzamargias
Music: Platon Andritsakis
Actors: Theodora Mastromina, Dimitris Karabotsis, Matina Mouskou, Harris Charalambous, Lena Papaligoura, Manos Karatzogiannis


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