Roula Georgakopoulou, Faneromeni

A girl of eleven, neither a child nor a teenager, goes through her hormonal upheaval at the height of the colonels’ Junta. At this “non-age” the omnipotence of childhood recedes and early sexuality comes as a surprise test for unprepared pupils. Self-taught and alone before these new dramas, Faneromeni (or her mirror image) tries to make sense of it all with her schoolbooks and the twisted educational system of the dictatorship as her only help. Dedicated to all the girls who fell into the crevice of history and survived.

When it was time to decide between virtue and evil, she lied down on the floor. We presented her with every possible argument, but when we saw that she was stalling for time we took in turns to carry her on our backs. Then Faneromeni stirred up the entire apartment block with her poems. No stranger, no passer-by. Come in, learned lady, said the desk officer. My respects, learned lady, added the president of the court. From that moment on she got it into her head that she was the number one in the Resistance, not Alexandros Panagoulis. Incredible—such megalomania, in our condition.

Analogio in context
Director: Katerina Evangelakou
Scenographer: Ioulia Ventikou
Lighting: Giorgos Argyroiliopoulos
Music: Stavros Gasparatos
Assistant director: Katerina Giannakopoulou
Actor: Maria Zorba

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