Sakis Serefas, The dragons

(PLACE Old people’s home, mental hospital
TIME In the old people’s home: today
In the mental hospital: ten years back
In the old people’s home, PANTELIS and his roommate MARKOS are sitting on two rickety chairs, facing each other across the table in their room.
In the mental hospital, at the other end of the stage, the standing PSYCHIATRIST and PI sitting on a bed are both silent.)

PANTELIS (whispers): I’m innocent, oh God, I’m innocent…
MARKOS + PSYCHIATRIST (synchronized, imitating children’s voices): Louder, grandpa, louder!
PANTELIS (cries with anguish): I’m innocent, God! I’m innocent! (Addresses MARKOS): My grandchildren adore this scene, the little devils. They like it even more than the one where I have him as a child, nailing live frogs on the trees.
I’m innocent!
As soon as I say it, they scramble on me and stick their fingernails in my arm. “Prepare to die!” they cry, raising their water pistols and taking aim at me.
Their eyes glisten when they aim at me. “Prepare to die!” I can’t believe what they say! Man, it gives me the creeps.
MARKOS: Odious things, kids

Director: Stavros Tsakiris
Actors: Ilias Logothetis, Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, Giannis Tsortekis, Giorgos Ziovas, Matthildi Maggira, Tatiana Papamoschou et al.

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