Written and directed by Abbas Αbdolahzadeh

Parchamdar Theatre Group (Iran)

Translation in Greek:  Ali Karaji

Athens University Museum, Plaka

Tuesday 24 September & Wednesday 25 September 21:30

Actors: Bahare Ghasempour, Shahabaldin Bahrami, Bahare Arjmand, Kamiar Mohebi, Pooria Saghafi, Zohre Mardani, Ahmadreza Paydar, Fatemeh Gousheh, Shadi Amiri, Shaghayegh Lotfalikhan Mohajer

Guitar: Parichehr Hasani

Stage design: Khalil Hosseinpoorsadeghi

Lighting design: Shayan Malek Mokhtari

Assistant director: Mohammadamin Kimiafar

Sound: Mohammad Yavari

Sound assistant: Azad Ghazzagh, Mohammadnabi Javan

Photographer: Soodeh Sorkhe

Stage office: Farshad Ramezan Tehrani

Script: Sina Heidarian

Musicians & singers on stage

With the co-operation of the Cultural Centre of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Athens.

The play

Crafty Mordecai seeks for power and wants to glorify his tribe in the empire of Achemenides. Therefore, he approaches the king of Persia, Xerxis. With the help of his niece, Mordecai tries to persuade the King to fight with all the tribes of his kingdom and he arises conspiracies around him. Finally, he will achieve his goals. However, he will soon be murdered and his niece Esther will become the queen of Persia.


– If we defeat the Greeks, it means that we have won an ancient and eternal enemy. Along with Greece’s defeat, we’ll be powerful all over the world. The war’ s benefits are undeniable.

– A damaged tooth must be taken out, today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But eventually it needs to be taken out. And we must not forget our King’s tortures, after the loss of his father, Darios.

– Our Shah’s peace and quite is the tranquility of the country. A tranquil country is everything.

– I believe we all share the same opinion. Let’s clean that abscess.

– Mr Mordhai, we have not voted anything yet.

– Will you tell me what’s wrong with you? Do you understand what you’re saying? I still can’t see any reason to attack Greece at all. One side of the coin is of course, victory but the other is defeat. Do you know the impact of this defeat? Don’t play dumb! Just think for a second, that we defeat in this war of yours. Do you believe our allies, the Babylonians, the Lydes and the Egyptians will remain calm? Have you considered the possibility of a rebellion and its effects? Do you know what terrible things will happen if we don’t pay back the expenses of this war? Have you even thought about the people? The starved stomachs that during wars starve even more? The destructions? Ruined temples, and again, the people, fed up of wars and devastations. Dear friends, honorable wisemen, Iran’s victory and Greece’s defeat will definitively please me as well. However, I consider wiser to focus on interior matters and strengthen our country. Egypt and Mesopotamia are obvious examples that tell us we should engage with Iran’s interior problems, both in large and minor states. And then, we think about the Gates of Europe.

Abbas Abdolahzadeh

Born in 1976 to a family of farmers, in the city of Behsahr, in Mazandaran province of Northern Iran. He studied Mathematics, and later on he engaged with theatre. He began his professional artistic activity in 2003. He has written more than 25 theatrical plays and has directed most of them, such as: Ta’zieh, Wolf girl, Akvan Div, and Hum, which was presented at the «Fadjr Theater Festival» in Tehran. He has been awarded at several Festivals such as the «Prayer Art Festival» 2008 in Tehran for his play Peter. He is an academic and teaches in the University Theatre and Scenography.

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