Theodoros Espiritou, The little Siren

A musical-theatrical fairytale about a little Siren who decides to leave the sea world and experience love through the prince. Ignoring all warnings, the little Siren goes up into man’s world and acquires a human body. But not a voice with which to speak. She feels betrayed but refuses to take revenge against the prince. An alluring, rhyming libretto that references Andersen’s Mermaid or the fascination of the “Other”.

FIRST SIREN: Join us again, Little sister. Poseidon’s wet realm is dressed in the white of winter.
SECOND SIREN: The Nereids are wailing in sunless deep seas, The Sirens stand silent, their singing has ceased.
THIRD SIREN: Nothing is painted in purple shell dye and even gold is going dull.
FIRST SIREN: The sun has forever forsaken the depths of the sea our mirrors lay shattered in shards.
SECOND SIREN: Now you know humans well. They’re the same all over the world.
THIRD SIREN: Even love will they betray for a grain of gold.
FIRST SIREN: Those prey to destiny exercise power haughtily.
SECOND SIREN: You’ve seen it and know it. Just raise your arm, and we’ll be the knife.

Director: Theodoros Espiritou
Music: Christos Theodorou
Actors and Singers: Elli Katsinavaki, Konstantinos Kafetzis, Stelios Keleris, Katerina Balamoti, Stella Nouli, Stamatis Pakakis, Vasilis Panagiotidis, Lambros Papageorgiou, Rania Fourlanou

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